Summer Photo Slideshow

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White Rocks Overlook, Appalachian Trail, Lambs Knoll.
The pond at Indian SpringsWildlife Management Area Clear Spring,
Weverton Cliffs, Appalachian Trail,
Weverton Cliffs, Appalachian Trail
Eastern cottonwood, Hager House, City Park, Hagerstown.
Yellow poplar, St. James School.
HickoryTree, Indian Springs Wildlife Management Area (ISWMA)
Black Gum, Indian Springs Wildlife Management Area
A Summer Storm
Catalpa, Mumma Cemetery, Antietam National Battlefield.
A fallen oak tree, 16 years after dying from spongy moth defoliation.
Black raspberry bushes, June, along a forest edge.
Great spangled fritillary butterfly on coneflowers.
Summer flowers and black swallowtail butterfly.
Indian pipes on the summer forest floor.
A little toad almost invisible on the leaves of the forest floor.
County Champion Black Gum Tree, Antietam National Battlefield.
A reforesting field.
Jack-in-the-pulpit berries.
Chinkapin oak tree, once our county and state champion.