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Washington County Forestry Board Activity Slideshow

A Board Meeting focusing on promoting the Natural Resources Careers Camp.
A Monthly Board Meeting.
The Board's Big Tree Measuring Clinic in May 2016: It's all about the teamwork.
Board Member Robert Shives and wife Sylvia receive Tree Farmer of the Year Award.
Measuring a Big Tree, Lireodendron tulipfera, St. James School.
Measuring the White Oak County Champion at Williamsport Elementary School - 2019.
Measuring the Stage Champion Hackberry, Celtis occidentalis.
Hagerstown Community College Flower & Garden Show.
Planting 5 Restoration Chestnut Trees at Fort Frederick State Park, 12/2016.
The Boonsboro Middle School Sixth Grade Tree Planting in the Park, April 2015.
At day's end, the trees in the park are tubed and staked.
Boy Scout Forestry Merit Badge Workshop, October 2014: Tree identification.
Forest Problems and Solutions.
Learning to read tree rings.
Instructions on how to use a 2-person cross-cut saw.
Good learners!
Another team sawing. How fast can you cut?
Discovering the how's and why's of forest stewardship plans.
Lots of thoughts on Forest Management Practices.
All about Forest Resources and Watersheds.
A completed wood duck house, a fun activity and an important community contribution.
Washington County Forestry Board Chairman and Executive Secretary (County Forester) talking to the Scouts
Some practice at fighting fire.
Winning Poster for the 2015 Arbor Day Poster Contest, by a Rockland Elementary School student.
The poster artist speaks to her classmates as they prepare to plant the 15 trees awarded.
Receiving instructions on how to plant the trees.
The Norway Spruce seedlings for the 2015 Arbor Day seedling presentation to 2nd/3rd Graders.
First the seedlings are dipped to protect and provide moisture to their roots.
The Board members place individual seedlings into plastic bags.
It takes a long time, but eventually the trees are ready to be counted and distributed to the schools.
The Board funds 2 hight school students to attend the Natural Resources Careers Camp at Camp Hickory.
Tree climbing is an important skill for caring for trees. It is also a lot of fun!