The Washington County Forest Conservancy District Board, usually known simply as the Washington County Forestry Board promotes the awareness, stewardship, conservation, restoration, and sustainable use of the forest resources of Washington County, Maryland. It is a volunteer organization that provides the citizens and local governments of Washington County with a variety of opportunities to learn about the trees and forest resources of Maryland. The Washington County Board is part of the State Association of Forest Conservancy District Boards, which includes forestry boards from all 23 counties and Baltimore City. The forestry boards were established in 1943 by an act of the Maryland Legislature to assist the Maryland Forest Service with policy issues and the promotion of forest conservation.

These pages will conect with the information and resources that will assist you in learning about Washington County's  forest resources  and actions that you can take individually and within your community to improve them.

As the climate changes, our individual actions can make a profound difference in the world of today and tomorrow.

Plant trees, whenever and where ever you can.

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Upcoming Events:

It's Spring! Spring Photo Slideshow

* For us in the Northern Hemisphere, March 19 at 11:06 pm EDST is our vernal equinox, & Here  In its apparent motion on the day of an equinox, the Sun's disk crosses the Earth's horizon directly to the east at dawn—rising; and again, some 12 hours later, directly to the west at dusk—setting. The March equinox, like all equinoxes, is characterized by having an almost exactly equal amount of daylight and night across most latitudes on Earth.

* Top things to do in Maryland in Spring.

* Maryland Arbor Day is April 6 - Public School 2nd-graders will receive a tree to plant, courtesey of the Washington County Forestry Board.

* 28th Annual Flowere & Garden Show was held on March 16/17,  Hagerstown Community College, Hagerstown, MD.

*   Check out Woodland Stewardship Education from  the University of Maryland Extension Services Events Page

* Forests For the Bay: Upcoming events.

* Know a Washington County High School Student who is interested in the oudoors? Check out the Maryland Forest Conservancy District Boards' Natural Resources Careers Camp; July 21-27, 2024.

* There is always something happening in the Universe. Check out the Astronomy Picture of the Day.

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Washington County Forestry Board

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Clear Spring, MD 21722

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Unless otherwise noted, photographs used in these pages belong to the Forestry Board Members or have been contributed by participants in Board Activities.

Sassafras tree in bloom.

Spring sky

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